PressKitPls - Media Made Easy

PressKitPlus is a one-of-a-kind service that uses our staff and your information to deliver a custom info-centric site that provides visiting media outlets with everything they need to better understand you, your product/service, and your goals.

No other service offers a more affordable and easy-to-use media management tool that delivers what you want, to whom you want...and we do it for you!

You choose; we build. PressKitPlus offers dozens of customized features allowing you to creatively extend the brand of your product. With simple functionality to upload high resolution photos, link out to video and audio, and create custom headers and navigation, the sky is the limit. And, as your media coverage grows, so does your PressKitPlus profile by simply adding additional pages without the additional cost.

Your PressKitPlus media site covers it all with an informational home page and buttons to other pages as applicable including product information, about/bio, photos and videos, media coverage, contact info, news and story ideas, and questions to ask.

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