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Independent Publisher is a Web-based electronic magazine containing "news, reviews, and how-to's" for and about independent authors and publishers. Since 1983 our mission at IP Online (formerly print journals Small Press and Independent Publisher) has been to recognize and encourage the work of authors and publishers who exhibit the courage and creativity necessary to take chances, break new ground, and bring about changes to the world of publishing.

Our editorial focus is on effective marketing and promotion for independently published books, and our goal is to help make independent voices heard -- hence our motto, "THE Voice of the Independent Publishing Industry." We are dedicated to finding and sharing new ideas and techniques that will help authors and publishers create better books, get more publicity, expand sales channels, and increase profitability.

We invite you to visit the website, subscribe to our webzine, and share your publishing experiences with us. Send us your new books for review and tell us about your latest promotional ideas. If you're an independent author or publisher and have written or published a great book, or have a success story to tell about writing or publishing, please get in touch. Share Your Story at

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